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Private Label:

More than 50 years of experience in the production of leather goods, gave to Armasil the ability to work for several international fashion brands and Designers. This ability due to the rigor and to the commitment assumed each customer for which guarantee:


  • Quality
  • Confidentiality
  • Strictly compliance of delivery dates
  • Rapidity, innovation and production flexibility
  • Transparency of information and ensuring efficiency
  • Participation/advice in product development
  • Personalized service to each customer
  • Continuous monitoring and control of production and order status


By assuming 100% of production, Armasil has a production capacity of large/medium series. Its structure is prepared at any time to respond effectively to specific market needs. In this context, its unit is prepared to take care of small production series or product replacements, and rests upon a concept of custom tailoring to each client's needs.


Beyond the production Armasil makes available to its costumer's a broad type of service provided such as:


Modeling | Raw material research | Prototype | Advisory technical improvement/development of the product | Production of sales samples | Final production | Replacements.


The versatility of the company and of its collaborators and their experience allows Armasil respond to any type of customer, being able to produce articles of higher and mid quality and range. Armasil is able to respond to different positions of brands in the market.


"Challenge us with your imagination and demands that we give the answer"



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